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AGB Oil Calc на форуме 4PDA
AGB Oil Calc - software for the deterministic oil and dissolved gas reserves / resources computation. 

Application version: 1.0.2 / [08.06.2015].
Author: Alexey Bogdanov
Distribution license: FreeWare application
Distinctive application features are:
  • Two standard oil volumetric algorithms available - Russian / exUSSR (Algorithm #1) and International (Algorithm #2).
  • It is possible to compute not only oil reserves but as well dissolved gas reserves.
  • Support computation of recoverable reserves taking into account geological risk coefficient.
  • Flexible selection of input units and computation results units. 
  • Application bilingual and available in Russian  (default) and English languages.
  • There is built in help system with description of all functions and computation parameters.
  • No Ads in application and no special permissions required to run it.
  • There is a section on this website with additional information, support and contacts for this application.
       At the time when this application was published  (April 2015) - there is no direct competitor applications in the segment of Android OS applications designed for the oil and gas reserves  computation (in terms of supported computation algorithms, units, methods). 
       Application source code was created to be multi-platform and at present time this application available for the following platforms: Android OSWindows OS and Linux OS. Quite possible that there would be a version released for MacOS as well. Most likely distribution conditions for all of they would stay the same - as freeware application license. Release of iOS version also possible - but not planned because it's required significant financial investments - and as a result  not currently planned until external investment would be available.
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