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Welcome to the AGB Corp Project website !

       The purpose of this project is to provide information on the oil and gas related topics (primarily related to the estimation of oil and gas reserves, geophysics, geology and available software products for oil and gas industry), as well as to provide information on developed under this project software applications, offered support and consulting services.
   This project was created by me, Alexey Bogdanov, at the end of year 2014. At present it's a private project, and I hope that within it's time-frame I would be able to fulfill my plans for the development of number software application for the Oil and Gas business as well as providing private consultancy services for the oil and gas industry. Current plans include not only basic freeware products but as well commercial applications for Russia and International markets.
          My work experience in this area includes more than 17 years: 13 years with the major service and consultancy companies and more than 4 years with  major oil companies. Additional information is available on my  LinkedIn  page in the About section of this website.

          Currently, this project is at second stage*, with the development of AGB Oil PB Calc and AGB Gas PB Calc applications for probabilistic oil and gas reserves or resources estimation using Monte-Carlo method. As of stage one, two software applications developed and available for the deterministic calculation of oil and gas resources and reserves: AGB Gas Calc  and  AGB Oil Calc for Android OS, Windows OS and Linux OS.  I am continue working on AGB Gas Calc application for MacOS. There are other plans as well - please check Development and Consultancy sections of this website for additional information.

       As the project progresses, I hope that content of this website will grow and I'll be grateful for your feedback and suggestions on the website, software applications, published articles. To contact the developer please use e-mail or feedback form available on Contacts website page.

* - decision have been made to use different software development system and to avoid using Oracle Java. As a result all new versions of current applications and ,as well, new ones would be native applications, that no longer be depended on Oracle Java. First application that was ported to this new system was AGB Oil Calc (PB Edition).

Thank you for your visit and hope to see you again at the AGB Corp Project website  !

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