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AGB Oil Calc - software for the deterministic oil and dissolved gas reserves / resources computation. 

Application version1.0.2 / [31.05.2015].
Author: Alexey Bogdanov
Distribution licenseFreeWare application
Distinctive application features are:
  • Two standard oil volumetric algorithms available - Russian / exUSSR (Algorithm #1) and International (Algorithm #2).
  • It is possible to compute not only oil reserves but as well dissolved gas reserves.
  • Support computation of recoverable reserves taking into account geological risk coefficient.
  • Flexible selection of input units and computation results units. 
  • Application bilingual and available in Russian  (default) and English languages.
  • There is built in help system with description of all functions and computation parameters.
  • No Ads in application and no installation required to run it.
  • To run this application Linux OS 32 or 64 bit required with Oracle Java Version 8 or later installed. Both versions (for 32 and 64 bit Java) included in software application archive.
       At the time when this application was published  (May 2015) - there is no direct competitor applications in the segment of muti-platform applications designed for the oil and gas reserves  computation (in terms of supported computation algorithms, units, methods). 
       Application source code was created to be multi-platform and at present time this application available for the following platforms: Android OSWindows OS and Linux OS. Quite possible that there would be a version released for MacOS as well. Most likely distribution conditions for all of they would stay the same - as freeware application license. Release of iOS version also possible - but not planned because it's required significant financial investments - and as a result  not currently planned until external investment would be available.
              Application was tested in Ubuntu Linux 15.04 32/64 bit versions, but it's developed to be independent from Linux OS distribution flavor, version of glibc library and only required  Oracle (c) Java 8 or later, 32 or 64 bit system installed.
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