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File: agb_oil_pb_calc.tar.gz
Size: 1240360 bytes
CRC32: 17D68E6F
CRC64: A32BA7FE28252425
AGB Oil Calc - software for the probabilistic oil and dissolved gas reserves / resources computation using Monte-Carlo method

Archive format: tar.gz
AV Check by: Dr.Web
Application version1.0.2 / [10.10.2015].
Author: Alexey Bogdanov
Distribution licenseFreeWare application
Distinctive application features are:

  • The only one available as of today (August 2015) freeware software application with capabilities of probabilistic (using Monte-Carlo method) and deterministic oil reserves or resources estimation.
  • Software based on well established AGB Oil Calc application.
  • It is possible to use three types of distributions: Normal, LogNormal and Uniform and as well use constants for input computation parameters. 
  • During reserves estimation one could mix different types of distributions for different input parameters and as well use constans for some parameters instead of distribution.
  • Application allow to input Nornal and LogNormal* distributions parameters as pair of percentile alues that got unique distribution definition. Seven (!!!) different combinations of such parameters implemented, including most popular: P90/P10P1/P99 and P75/P25.                  * - Important note: lognormal distribution parameters generated for the special case with parameter Threshold = 0.0 !
  • During computation process application deals with distribution of input parameters and not with single parameter values. This method fully comply with probabilistic reserves estimation method used worldwide. Risking also apply to distributions opposite to many Excel based solutions.
  • Each computation involves 10000 iterations for each input parameter.
  • There are more then 3350 source code strings in application
  • More then 6 month of development time spent for AGB Oil PB Calc application
  • Two standard oil volumetric algorithms available - Russian / exUSSR (Algorithm #1) and International (Algorithm #2).
  • It is possible to compute not only oil reserves but as well dissolved gas reserves.
  • Support computation of recoverable reserves taking into account geological POS coefficient.
  • Flexible selection of input units and computation results units. 
  • Application bilingual and available in Russian  (default) and English languages.
  • There is built in help system with description of all functions and computation parameters.
  • No Ads in application and no installation required to run it, but as well version with software installer planned as well.
  • To run this application Linux OS,  32 or 64 bit OS required with Oracle Java Version 8 or later installed. Both versions (for 32 and 64 bit Java) included in archive with software application.
       At the time when this application was published  (August 2015) - there is no direct competitor applications in the segment of freeware muti-platform applications designed for the probabilistic oil reserves or resources computation using Monte-Carlo method (in terms of supported computation algorithms, units, methods).

       Help system for the AGB Oil PB Calc application available here.
       Application source code was created to be multi-platform and at present time this application available for the following platform: Linux and Windows OSVersion for Android OS would be released later this year. Quite possible that there would be a version for MacOS as well. Most likely distribution conditions for all of they would stay the same - as freeware application license. Release of iOS version also possible - but not planned because it's required significant financial investments - and as a result  not currently planned until external investment would be available.
 Application was tested in Ubuntu Linux 15.04 32/64 bit versions, but it's developed to be independent from Linux OS distribution flavor, version of glibc library and only required  Oracle (c) Java 8 or later, 32 or 64 bit system installed.

        After project second phase completion author plans to release a commercial version with extended functionality (database support, multiple computation objects, reports). If your company might be interested in purchasing such application or customization of existing application required for the needs of your company - please contact developer using feedback form of support e-mail address available here.
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