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Attention: this section is under construction !
        This section provide support and technical information related to the application developed as part of AGB Corp Project. At present, information on two applications for the deterministic oil and gas reserves and resources estimation available: AGB Oil Calc and AGB Gas Calc. Support link for the AGB Oil PB Calc and AGB Gas PB Calc applications available on that applications home page.

          Distinctive features of the applications are:

  • Low system requirements on mobile platform (Android OS).
  • Windows and Linux versions of applications require just presence of Oracle Java version 8 or later and not dependent on Linux OS distribution or glic library version.
  • New: AGB Oil Calc (PB Edition) no longer required Oracle Java to run. All new versions of AGB Corp. Project applications would be ported to new software development system and would run without dependences on Oracle Java.
  • Supporting Android OS, starting from version 2.3 (covered almost 98% of currently used Android OS devices)
  • Supporting various display sizes and resolutions on Android devices including mobile phones and tablets.
  • Main goal was to provide maximum functionality but still keep application easy to use for the user. 
  • No Ads. in application and as well no specific permissions required to run these applications (desktop versions required Internet access to provide access to the help files for the application) .
  • Simple graphical interface allows to keep small application size.

Basic usage rules:

  1. Properly select units for input values.
  2. Select required computation algorithm using menu: "Algorithm #1" used  in Russia / exUSSR (GKZ) or "Algorithm  #2" international computation method.
  3. Select proper units for the computation results.
  4. Click  <Compute> button to perform computation.
  5. Application would check input values and if no obvious errors were found would present results. If errors were found then error message would be presented stated improper input value - and error in input values should be corrected by user - otherwise it would be impossible to perform computation.

        Depends on selected units and computation algorithm few input fields might be hidden because they are not used as part of calculation.

   Additional information on available application options, computation algorithms,  input values e.t.c. available in help files for application. To access help  - please use menu option "Help".

        In Windows and Linux versions of applications help files would be opened in default web browser (Internet access required). "PB Edition" of applications contain local help files in default format.

     There is built-in quick help system - if you press and hold parameter name for more then 1 sec., for example 'F' - application would show short help message, describing meaning of this field - in this example it's  "field area".    

       It is very important to remember that quality and reliability of input values,
proper selection of input values units influence computation results. Please check input values before usage ! 

        If you got any questions, comments on this application usage or got suggestions how to extend it's functionality - please send your feedback using any method available on Contacts page.

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