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File: agb_pb_view.7z
Size: 1009744 bytes
CRC64: 9F3329895744E70A
AGB PB View - software for estimation of P-values of normal or lognormal distribution based on pair of P-values (persentiles). 

Archive format: 7-zip
AV Check by: Dr.Web
Application version1.0.0 (Windows) / [13.10.2015].
Author: Alexey Bogdanov
Distribution licenseFreeWare application
Distinctive application features are:

  • Could define P-values (percentiles) for Normal or Lognormal distribution defined by two P-values.
  • Could be used as additional tool for QC input distributions used in AGB Oil PB Calc and AGB Gas PB Calc applications used for oil/gas probabilistic reserves or resources estimation.
  • Two types of distributions supported: Normal and LogNormal
  • Application allow to input Normal and LogNormal* distributions parameters as pair of percentile values that got unique distribution definition. Seven (!!!) different combinations of such parameters implemented, including most popular: P90/P10P1/P99 and P75/P25.                  * - Important note: lognormal distribution parameters generated for the special case with parameter Threshold = 0.0 !
  • Application bilingual and available in Russian  (default) and English languages.
  • No Ads in application and no installation required to run it, but as well version with software installer planned as well.
  • To run this application Windows XP or later 32 or 64 bit OS required with Oracle Java Version 8 or later installed. Both versions (for 32 and 64 bit Java) included in archive with software application.
       Application was built based on users request to get additional control or QC capabilities for input distributions used in AGB Oil PB Calc and AGB Gas PB Calc applications. This tool would compute and present to user P-values (percentiles): P90, P80, P70, P60, P50, P40, P30, P20 and P10 based on inputed two points distribution parameters P-values, identical to ones used in AGB Corp. Project applications for reserves estimation. 
       Application source code was created to be multi-platform and at present time this application available for the following platform: Windows OSVersions for Linux OS and Android OS would be released later this year. Quite possible that there would be a version for MacOS as well. Most likely distribution conditions for all of they would stay the same - as freeware application license. Release of iOS version also possible - but not planned because it's required significant financial investments - and as a result  not currently planned until external investment would be available.
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